Prim Folk Art Spring Flower Garland

I have made these beautiful flower blossom garlands to help you put away those snow and winter days and for your sping decorating. Put them on your year 'round tree, drape them on a mantel or a curtain rod.

The garland is 8 feet long and I have attached 10 flowers on each. The flowers are hand painted and the branches/stems are hand dyed and aged.

The price of each garland is $22.00 which includes shipping in the US.

Dogwood Garland

Pansy Garland

Granny's Homemade Apple Pie

Wow! Looks good enough to eat! Can't you just smell it cooling on an open window seal or on the old black wood stove or cooling rack in your Granny's kitchen.

For your consideration, I have made this apple pie. No, it's not real......but it sure does look good.

This folk art apple pie is made from cotton batting for the crust and lattice. It have been coffee/vanilla stained and smells sooooo good. The apple slices are made from muslin that has been stained, painted, baked and sanded to give them their baked color. The black seeds have been stitched into every slice and there are 20 of them in the entire pie. This apple pie has been sprinkled with German glass glitter to look like sweet sugar. To finish off the pie, it has been sprinkled with real cinnamon, too. The pie is mounted in a metal pie tin. This apple pie is 15" across. This pie is an Oodoolekadoole design.

$33.00 price includes travel fare in the US.